Monday, March 17, 2008

Rights are not the opposite of lefts

We are creatures of logic. We have no tools that rival the claws of the lion the teeth of the leopard and the eyesight of the eagle. Our size and endurance are very useful in the struggle to stay alive when everything is after protein and we are big bags thereof. We have the best minds in the known universe, and as such we have more rights than any other entity. The rise of the invisible spectres known as corporations as led to the modern travesty of these inventions having more rights, power and privileges as nominal humans than those enjoyed by real humans. If one incorporates oneself benefits in taxation will accrue that are not enjoyed by less sophisticated people. If the spectre is called a trust then the people who own it can place their possessions into it and avoid getting these assets seized or confiscated to pay damages awarded by a jury.
Our minds are our means of survival which means we must learn how to survive. Animals are born with all the needs for survival imprinted except for the more sophisticated mammals who must learn, and a few birds who can learn, but we cannot live long relying on instinct. This requires that we act according to logical rules of behavior, that we get signals from the world to tell us when we do good or bad things. If, as we see in the modern welfare state, we get rewarded for ineptitude and profligacy by having those bad behaviors NOT cause us harm-the signal we receive from the welfare grants is that bad behavior isn't harmful. On the other hand the lesson learned from higher taxes if we work longer hours is that good behavior is punished. We have therefore built a nation, along with the European countries and Canada and Australia and New Zealand, that punishes good works and rewards poor choices. It is no wonder that we have an oversupply of fools and a lesser amount of good people.
The government has extended its interference into so many spheres not because it is a good thing to help people. It is instead the desire to help rich and powerful donors interfere in markets to the donors' advantage, and the maintenance of the paper dollar as a currency that has value. The true impetus for the drug war and mandatory insurance and a host of other laws is to deplete the cash available for purchasing necessities and luxuries. If we had cheap pot and cigarettes and land we would have money left over and would chase more possessions with these commoner dollars which would result in the collapse of the money supply sooner rather than later. Since it is better to collapse the scheme now I am determined to spread the word and get it over with. Like any addiction the sooner we break it the lesser the attendant damage. The millions who have died in the wars and in the prisons that have developed due to the existence of this scheme have died for nothing-let us hope that fewer will die when the bottom falls out and we go back to using gold or other commodities for barter. This would be a great time to be at the terminal end of a long isolated road, with two years worth of fuel, food and ammunition.

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