Sunday, March 16, 2008

America's New Direction

It is not well known, in this great land, that we are subjects of a cabal of vicious bankers and rich, powerful corporate and academic and professional rulers. These men spend millions of dollars buying the votes of politicians and altering the nation to suit their desires which are at odds with the needs of the citizens who eventually pay for all this destructive policy making. It is hidden from sight that we are constantly made to pay more and more for everything we buy, even if nobody in particular has paid the Congressman or Senator for the increased prices. In other words the government just makes us pay more for everything, and often nobody who benefits from these higher prices paid lobbyists for that law or rule. The motivation is the government's desire to empty our pockets of cash rather than let us have any more than what will keep us just above the revolutionary level. The reason is simple-if you haven't got any cash you will still believe it is scarce. This perceived scarcity causes the true value of the dollar to be seen as higher than it really is. We are in a similar condition to the average diamond buyer. The invention of a new process to make flawless diamonds for $5 a carat was quietly bought and hidden so the price is not where true supply and demand would put it. If people realized how common diamonds are they wouldn't pay the huge price they pay for crystallized carbon. The supply and demand dynamic has been altered so that money appears to be scarcer than it is so that we will continue to see value where there is none. The supply of dollars is immense, therefore the price of any commodity has risen in reflection of that fact. When gold was worth $20 an ounce that meant that a dollar was worth 1/20 an ounce of gold. Now that gold is $1000 an ounce that means the dollar is worth 1/1000 of an ounce. Simple math I know but apparently the hoi polloi are not getting it. They still work for $8 an hour and the government still makes everything more expensive so we won't buy it. I think the state should get out of all things which are not its proper function, and I see very little that belongs in that heading. Theft in all its various manifestations should be illegal, including inflation, fraud, 'drug war', neglect, and graft. Assault in its permutations, whether infanticide, war, battery, 'drug war' or the like. The rest of the laws we have are just market manipulations to get money from one person to another involuntarily and it should be stopped to engender a truly free and safe country.
In a matter of months the entire structure of the world's financial system will fall. We started to print money without gold behind it in 1913. Immediately the World War started, fought by the poor, led by the grandchildren of Victoria, including Nicholas of Russia, Wilhelm of Germany and all the other 'royalty' of Europe, who borrowed money from two families, also first cousins, who lent it to them to prosecute this "war to end all wars". We see how profitable war has been to the powerful and with unlimited amounts of paper money floating around they can buy evermore bombs, mines and poison gas to kill millions as we did in the wars and communism of last century. Finally the pile has gotten so huge, even with all the war and killing in Iraq that we can't find enough wars to keep it truly scarce. It is still getting out and causing price rises. In the days of gold money prices always fell to their lowest point in history. In 1904 a beer sold for a nickel was so profitable they gave away sandwiches with it. Think that will ever be seen with this mud they call dollars now?

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