Monday, March 17, 2008

Rights are not the opposite of lefts

We are creatures of logic. We have no tools that rival the claws of the lion the teeth of the leopard and the eyesight of the eagle. Our size and endurance are very useful in the struggle to stay alive when everything is after protein and we are big bags thereof. We have the best minds in the known universe, and as such we have more rights than any other entity. The rise of the invisible spectres known as corporations as led to the modern travesty of these inventions having more rights, power and privileges as nominal humans than those enjoyed by real humans. If one incorporates oneself benefits in taxation will accrue that are not enjoyed by less sophisticated people. If the spectre is called a trust then the people who own it can place their possessions into it and avoid getting these assets seized or confiscated to pay damages awarded by a jury.
Our minds are our means of survival which means we must learn how to survive. Animals are born with all the needs for survival imprinted except for the more sophisticated mammals who must learn, and a few birds who can learn, but we cannot live long relying on instinct. This requires that we act according to logical rules of behavior, that we get signals from the world to tell us when we do good or bad things. If, as we see in the modern welfare state, we get rewarded for ineptitude and profligacy by having those bad behaviors NOT cause us harm-the signal we receive from the welfare grants is that bad behavior isn't harmful. On the other hand the lesson learned from higher taxes if we work longer hours is that good behavior is punished. We have therefore built a nation, along with the European countries and Canada and Australia and New Zealand, that punishes good works and rewards poor choices. It is no wonder that we have an oversupply of fools and a lesser amount of good people.
The government has extended its interference into so many spheres not because it is a good thing to help people. It is instead the desire to help rich and powerful donors interfere in markets to the donors' advantage, and the maintenance of the paper dollar as a currency that has value. The true impetus for the drug war and mandatory insurance and a host of other laws is to deplete the cash available for purchasing necessities and luxuries. If we had cheap pot and cigarettes and land we would have money left over and would chase more possessions with these commoner dollars which would result in the collapse of the money supply sooner rather than later. Since it is better to collapse the scheme now I am determined to spread the word and get it over with. Like any addiction the sooner we break it the lesser the attendant damage. The millions who have died in the wars and in the prisons that have developed due to the existence of this scheme have died for nothing-let us hope that fewer will die when the bottom falls out and we go back to using gold or other commodities for barter. This would be a great time to be at the terminal end of a long isolated road, with two years worth of fuel, food and ammunition.

Freedom is for Real Entities

The average human is unaware of the full spectrum of powers and rights he possesses. As the highest entity known to exist, he has all rights that can exist and be held by an entity. The legal contrivance called a corporation was invented to allow an entity that didn't exist in corporeal form to act in the marketplace to buy and sell property and services. The present laws actually grant them MORE rights and privileges than real humans possess. This is the source of a lot of mischief in today's world. The corporations are ready upon inception, and until the dissolution of that corporation it operates without sleep, food, illness, nor senility. Humans must grow from birth to age 18 before they are full-fledged citizens with all rights that any human has. The corporate boards are human but they are always energetic and focused on the end goal of profits, being incapable of distraction, they don't need to do things that humans must do to stay alive and healthy. The usual businessman is a hard driving young man who pops out of college with an MBA and starts running the show, minimizing the value of any single human, for the greater aim and profitability of the collective. The lucky ones who run these institutions may get to 62-65 years old before the board forces them out in favor of younger and more acceptable people. This means that the corporate culture of profits above humans is the source of their own demise as members of the self-same company. They are thrown out just as they spent years throwing out their predecessors.

The human is a creature of logic. It hasn't got the tools of survival that many animals use. We are rather larger than most animals but are slower, with short teeth, minimal claws, fairly good eyesight, and endurance that only a dog can surpass. We run slower than most animals, and the distraction of knowing our ultimate fate is debilitating. But we do have the most powerful minds known. The whale and the elephant, the chimp and other apes, even the octopus have remarkably facile minds but they cannot approach man for the true position as the top minds on Earth. WE are required to use our minds for our survival, to learn what is necessary, what is dangerous, what fulfills our needs and where the killers are hiding in the neighborhood. This is the basis of Objectivism, that man's need for information and freedom of action arise from our survival tool being our mind. The mind uses logic and reason and memory to deduce the next action and why it needs to be done. When governments or any other force prevent us from acting in response to our minds we are forced to do things we are not inclined to do for whatever reason we have, and when it is force applied to keep some sector pouring money into a lobbyist's pockets, and then into the politicians' pockets it interferes with our rights to act as we see fit. It is often stated that it is for our own good that we are forced to do or not do something, but the right to act is still ours-even if the power to act has been stolen from us, the rightful owner of our bodies and the ones who ultimately have to live with the consequences of the action or lack of action that we have been left with. The particularly heinous nature of these forceful actions is compounded when the only people who are forced to adhere to these nanny state enactments are the poor and powerless, which denies the universality supposedly guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.

It is our duty to learn as much as we can about the world, to know what to do next and why. Then we must take the responsibility to act towards the ends we determine to be the best course. WE may ignore the truth and abdicate our responsibility to ourselvews and the familiy we have raised but it will only be to our own detriment in the long ruin. The inaboility to act in our own interest that makes anuy such constituted government lose its legitimacy and be overthrown to allow the future mip[ieu to be improved. The present USA has lost the very ideal it once spread around the world. It is instead too busy trying to make the fiat dollar exist a few more days longer, and while doing so keep the rich and powerful from becoming poor and weak like so many others in the land. It is my desire to live long enough to outlast this regime of mercantilists, do-gooders, liars and thieves. The return of a truly free land where humans enjoy all the rights that have been stolen is not far off. Surely we are closer than Canada or Cuba or other third world companies to that goal.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

America's New Direction

It is not well known, in this great land, that we are subjects of a cabal of vicious bankers and rich, powerful corporate and academic and professional rulers. These men spend millions of dollars buying the votes of politicians and altering the nation to suit their desires which are at odds with the needs of the citizens who eventually pay for all this destructive policy making. It is hidden from sight that we are constantly made to pay more and more for everything we buy, even if nobody in particular has paid the Congressman or Senator for the increased prices. In other words the government just makes us pay more for everything, and often nobody who benefits from these higher prices paid lobbyists for that law or rule. The motivation is the government's desire to empty our pockets of cash rather than let us have any more than what will keep us just above the revolutionary level. The reason is simple-if you haven't got any cash you will still believe it is scarce. This perceived scarcity causes the true value of the dollar to be seen as higher than it really is. We are in a similar condition to the average diamond buyer. The invention of a new process to make flawless diamonds for $5 a carat was quietly bought and hidden so the price is not where true supply and demand would put it. If people realized how common diamonds are they wouldn't pay the huge price they pay for crystallized carbon. The supply and demand dynamic has been altered so that money appears to be scarcer than it is so that we will continue to see value where there is none. The supply of dollars is immense, therefore the price of any commodity has risen in reflection of that fact. When gold was worth $20 an ounce that meant that a dollar was worth 1/20 an ounce of gold. Now that gold is $1000 an ounce that means the dollar is worth 1/1000 of an ounce. Simple math I know but apparently the hoi polloi are not getting it. They still work for $8 an hour and the government still makes everything more expensive so we won't buy it. I think the state should get out of all things which are not its proper function, and I see very little that belongs in that heading. Theft in all its various manifestations should be illegal, including inflation, fraud, 'drug war', neglect, and graft. Assault in its permutations, whether infanticide, war, battery, 'drug war' or the like. The rest of the laws we have are just market manipulations to get money from one person to another involuntarily and it should be stopped to engender a truly free and safe country.
In a matter of months the entire structure of the world's financial system will fall. We started to print money without gold behind it in 1913. Immediately the World War started, fought by the poor, led by the grandchildren of Victoria, including Nicholas of Russia, Wilhelm of Germany and all the other 'royalty' of Europe, who borrowed money from two families, also first cousins, who lent it to them to prosecute this "war to end all wars". We see how profitable war has been to the powerful and with unlimited amounts of paper money floating around they can buy evermore bombs, mines and poison gas to kill millions as we did in the wars and communism of last century. Finally the pile has gotten so huge, even with all the war and killing in Iraq that we can't find enough wars to keep it truly scarce. It is still getting out and causing price rises. In the days of gold money prices always fell to their lowest point in history. In 1904 a beer sold for a nickel was so profitable they gave away sandwiches with it. Think that will ever be seen with this mud they call dollars now?